Eleven Alternatives Dispute Resolutions (ADR) Providers To Give Legal Help Permitted By UKGC

Eleven Alternatives Dispute Resolutions (ADR) Providers To Give Legal Help Permitted By UKGC

As the online casino domain is expanding in the isle of Britain, other gaming jurisdictions other than UKGC are approved by the British government as per standard and features of the UK Gambling Commission`s whitelists. Operators who obtained a license from the approved jurisdiction are allowed to render wagering service and advertise in the UK market. Therefore, if a casino displays a certificate of other permitted jurisdictions, it is safe to place your bet. For your convenience, here is the list of affiliated jurisdictions:


  1. States within European Economic Area (EEA)
  2. The Alderney Gaming Commission
  3. Antigua and Barbuda – The Directorate of Offshore Gaming
  4. The Gibraltar Gaming Commission
  5. Isle of Man- The Gambling Supervision Commission
  6. The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission


Have to submit a memorandum to the Secretary of the State for approval


To get permitted and listed the affiliated catalogue, the authorities/governments of these countries, states or jurisdictions have to submit a memorandum to the Secretary of the State. Then, after meticulous scrutiny, the Secretary of State for Culture Media and sports decide whether the applicant is befitted as per the prescribed guidelines. If they are permitted, these jurisdictions can provide gambling service and advertise; otherwise, the application is rejected. So you can register confidently in casinos like mega888 casino that are licensed by the jurisdictions mentioned above. 


U/S 331 of Gambling Act 2005, all counties, states, jurisdictions not part of EEA, located outside UK and Gibraltar and not the affiliated list of UKGC are not permitted to advertise or render gambling services within the Gambling Act sovereignty of UK. So it can be assumed if you are a British resident, you playing in one of the best regulated gambling domain. Every application is vetted in all aspects by the UKGC before granting them a license and monitors all operators to comply with the established rules and regulations. Above that, UKGC supervises the bonuses and other promotional activities offered by these service providers to existing and potential customers. The promotional offers made by casino operators must be within realistic terms and well documented


The British gambling laws are not ambiguous, clearly cites the limitations and privileges, as a player must be at or above eighteen to enjoy the legal benefits. To avoid potential pitfalls and legal loopholes, ensure the selected online casinos are licensed by UKGC or other approved gambling authorities; it is your obligation as a player. For any issues with casino operators, you can seek aid from eleven alternatives dispute resolutions (ADR) providers permitted by UKGC.