Asia Gaming Casino Software Provider

Asia Gaming Casino Software Provider

With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading across the globe, millions of players worldwide are turning to online gambling providers to quench their thirst for competitive gambling. Live casinos offering remote services have seen unusual activity. This comes when most players are exploring the world of Asia gaming online casino. Members of online casinos have an advantage over new entrants in this space. This is due to their experience in navigating virtual games and the wide variety of difficulties that come with them.

Rescue Beat and Asia Gaming

RescueBet is currently the leading online betting website in Asia. The service is popular with Asian gamers due to the convenience of its platform, a large selection of gaming options, and a fully up-to-date blog. The blog also includes web tutorials on topics related to changing trends in different betting patterns. One of the most popular attractions of the site is its live casino options. These options are sure to satisfy bettors regardless of their topic of interest. RescueBet has not one but five gaming partners who host live casino games 24/7. These include Asia Gaming, E-Beat, Sun Beat, Gold Deluxe, and Big Gaming. Of these, Asia Gaming is the most attractive to Asian Beaters due to its diverse selection of Asian Games.

Asia Gaming was founded in 2012 and soon became one of the most creative innovation industries. Their goal is to create the most realistic, authentic, and interactive gaming experience. An experience your members can enjoy in the comfort of their home. At any given time, at least 10,000 players use Asia Gaming services for their gaming needs.

Asia Gaming Casino Games

Their mobile live casino platform offers over 100 electronic casino games that can be accessed online. This stable and reliable app also includes live streams hosted by well-known internet celebrities. Their live table games like Blackjack, HiLo, SicBo, and Roulette Deluxe are hosted by attractive dealers, which make the site more attractive. Its well-designed games are intuitive and user-friendly enough for anyone to use. Players can easily save their favorite games and enjoy them on the go. All games are constantly monitored to ensure a safe environment with minimal risk to the user. No matter what the priority of your game is,

Gaming license consulting

They train their staff to comply with international gaming standards—regulations such as compliance with gaming license certification requirements in various jurisdictions around the world.

Management of platform operations

All Asia games are based on HTML5. This allows for quick and virtually seamless switching between games. This is absolutely seamless. They integrate your gaming website to work effectively on both web and mobile platforms. This is without the need to download any supporting software.

Streaming lobbies

Asia Gaming sells live streaming services to casinos that want to upgrade their platform to an intimate customer streaming lobby. They offer five different lobbies for customers to choose from. It allows users to interact with various web celebrities and famous beauty hosts—presenters fluent in English and Chinese through the live chat option.

Private games

Unlike many other platforms, Asia Gaming offers its customers the option to give them access to exclusive VIP Baccarat. VIP services are designed to host private parties.

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